Coke Farm

Customer Services

Outstanding service and a commitment to organics are what set Coke Farm apart.

Coke Farm is uniquely poised to serve both its growers and customers, with standout support, state-of-the-art facilities, best practices in organic farming and a vast distribution network.


Distribution Map - Coke Farm - San Juan Bautista, California

Distribution and Delivery

Coke Farm’s organic produce is found throughout the West Coast, nationally and internationally. Customers include food service, institutions, natural food stores, home food delivery services, retail chains, wholesalers and retailers. If you’re ever in Palo Alto or Menlo Park, California, you can meet some of the Coke Farm team face to face during their weekend farmers’ markets. Take a look at the map to learn more about our service area.

Customers are at Our Core

Customers need real people, helping them in real time with competence, good communication and reliability. Our sales team is live and ready to help—no recordings or frustrating “robo-routing,” and we have a proven track record for stellar customer service. What’s more, Coke Farm offers sought-after and specialty organic produce that’s USDA GAP certified, assuring compliance with food safety requirements for its valued purchasers and retailers.

Services from Field to Fork

Need to make a pick-up? We customize your order and have it ready for seamless, quick loading takeaway to reduce wait times for trucks (small orders welcome, too!). We offer an easy trucking touchpoint with cross dock service at our facility, including convenient Saturday loading. Logistics services are available daily from our facility to the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. With orders shipping directly from our facility, customers always get the freshest possible product.

Your Dedicated Sales Team

Our standout sales team lives and breathes organic produce, right here on the Coke Farm property. These individuals not only know every nuance of our available organic produce, many have also worked on farms themselves and appreciate the effort that goes into everything that goes to market. We’ll help you get exactly what you need to provide your customers with excellent organic produce. Need something you don’t see? Just ask!

Let's Talk it Over

Interested in becoming a Coke Farm customer? Or maybe just looking to have some questions answered about our services, drop us a line any time. We are here to talk.

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"Thank you for offering a sustainable alternative to those landfill plastic containers!!! Wish everyone followed your lead!"